About us



History of Servicios Nutresa S.A.S.

Given the projection of the Group’s businesses Nutresa S.A, in its domestic and international growth and its requirements in modern information systems and processes, is formed in 2006  Servicios Nutresa S.A.S.

Our company is focused on providing business services in processes such as: Audit and Control, Infrastructure Services, Negotiation in Purchasing, Risk Management and Insurance, Legal Assistance, Treasury, Tax Planning and Reporting, Information Technology and Human and Organizational Development.

Servicios Nutresa shares attributes with Grupo Nutresa, an entrepreneur Group, Progressive, Responsible and Committed.


  • Ethics
  • Integrity


  • Lifelong Learning
  • Service Spirit
  • Reliability
  • Respect
  • Flexibility
What are the benefits provided by Servicios Nutresa to their customers?
  • Support Grupo Nutresa growth and business in which it participate.
  • Use of latest technology.
  • Higher effectiveness in the services provided.
  • Access to modern information platforms that support different business processes.
  • Quick response with added value for its customers.
  • Best opportunities from trading goods and services.
  • Specialization in services.

Leverage competitive strategy of our clients with enterprise support services high perceived value, based on:

  • Competent, committed and constantly developing people.
  • Management through processes.
  • Effective use of technology. *

* Knowledge bases articulated for the production, marketing and use of goods and services.