Ethical Support


What is Ethical Support?

It is a set of mechanisms and communication tools to address reports of activities that are contrary to the law, the statutes and the Code of Good Governance.

It can be used by:

  • Contributors
  • Contractors
  • Suppliers
  • Shareholders
  • Customers
  • Third Party overall
What are the benefits provided by Servicios Nutresa to their customers?

What is the purpose of the Ethical support?

Strengthen transparency philosophy of the Company with the support of an effective medium.
Other actions that contribute to transparency in the management of the Company:


  • The development and implementation of the Code of Good Governance.
  • Structuring rules, policies and procedures.
  • Performing regular internal and external audits, among others.



For what purpose the Ethical Support was created?

To strengthen communication with the public related to the Company. To have a new channel that allows confidential disclose irregular situations that affect the interests of Grupo Nutresa and / or third parties.


How works the Ethical Support?

Person who reports

  • Meet an irregular situation.
  • Considers that should make it known.
  • Declines to inform by other channels.
  • Uses the Ethical support to report it.


Privacy Notice

The attention of reports on anomalies is by an independent supervisory body. Management Audit and Control of Servicios Nutresa S.A.S, has a protocol for handling reports of anomalies received, ensuring objectivity, promptness and discretion. All information received is confidential.

How I use the Ethical Support?


Can be accessed by email through
Supplying personal data is not required. The Ethical Support is a new channel of communication with a particular purpose, does not replace direct communication with collegues or bosses or contributors with management of Human and Organizational Development.


The Ethical Support can be used by calling toll free national O18OOO518188 and from Medellin to your 36O 90 89.